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Ticketed in New Mexico? Hire an Expert

About Glenn Smith Valdez When you have been ticketed in New Mexico, whether its speeding, no insurance, careless driving, reckless driving or any other moving or non-moving violation, you need a New Mexico traffic ticket lawyer who is experienced and an expert in New Mexico traffic law. If you need a New Mexico lawyer to help you with your New Mexico traffic issue, call Glenn Smith Valdez at 505.877.8787.

A New Mexico Traffic Expert

Glenn Smith Valdez is an expert New Mexico Traffic ticket attorney. He has dedicated a part of his practice to representation of drivers accused of a variety of New Mexico traffic violations. He understands the importance of keeping moving violations like speeding, careless driving and the like off his clients’ records, and he knows how to make that happen. Glenn also realizes how New Mexico citations affect your insurance rates, and he fights hard to keep your New Mexico citations from costing you money in increased premiums.

An Experienced New Mexico Traffic lawyer

Glenn Smith Valdez is experienced in all facets of New Mexico traffic law. He has represented hundreds of clients and won dismissals for the vast majority. He has dealt with officers of almost every agency in the state, from the New Mexico State Police and New Mexico Department of Transportation officers, to Sheriff’s deputies and City officers in every county and almost every city in the state. A great New Mexico traffic attorney, Glenn uses his experience to negotiate dismissals, traffic school, donations in lieu of fines and other diversion programs that keep your New Mexico citation off your record. When you need an experienced New Mexico traffic lawyer, Glenn Smith Valdez is who you need to call.

A New Mexico Traffic Attorney Representing Drivers Statewide

Glenn Smith Valdez has represented drivers ticketed in New Mexico in almost every traffic court in the state. He know the rules and policies for the New Mexico traffic courts and how those rules work to help his clients. When you face a New Mexico traffic charge, you may be unable to appear. Glenn Smith Valdez knows how to waive your appearance. A great New Mexico traffic attorney like Glenn Smith Valdez will file motions to allow you to appear by phone, or motions to allow your attorney to appear for you. Glenn is proud that he has helped hundreds of drivers ticketed in New Mexico get their New Mexico traffic citations dismissed without ever returning to New Mexico or appearing in a New Mexico court.

A New Mexico Traffic Lawyer Lifting Warrants and Suspensions

If you have failed to appear or answer your New Mexico citation or ticket, you may have discovered that you have a New Mexico traffic warrant or you license has been suspended because of your New Mexico ticket. Call Glenn Smith Valdez now. He has experience in resolving New Mexico traffic warrants or bench warrants as well as expertise in reinstating licenses suspended because of New Mexico tickets. He will represent you in New Mexico traffic court and with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division. He can help you cancel the New Mexico Warrant with the New Mexico traffic court. He will contact the New Mexico MVD to remove or lift the New Mexico suspension and reinstate your driver’s license.

Get Yourself the Best New Mexico Traffic Lawyer

It boils down to this, when you want the best, most experienced New Mexico traffic ticket lawyer, call Glenn Smith Valdez. He has the experience in fighting New Mexico citations and tickets than you need. He can handle any New Mexico traffic matter you have. New Mexico tickets like speeding, careless driving, even reckless driving, suspended licenses and New Mexico traffic warrants – Glenn Smith Valdez can represent in in any New Mexico traffic situation. Glenn Smith Valdez will appear for you, fight for you and win for you. If you have a New Mexico traffic ticket, a New Mexico traffic warrant or your license is suspended because of a New Mexico traffic citation, call Glenn Smith Valdez today.

I was traveling through New Mexico and received a speeding ticket and I was concerned about it going on my driving record. I found this law firm online and from the receptionist Jessica to the legal assistants Jocelyn and Katherine the entire team was professional, courteous, and prompt. They got my case resolved quickly and effectively and I'm grateful for their guidance through the process. I would highly recommend their services!
Excellent representation. My speeding ticket was dismissed!! Thank you. Colette W.
Driving through New Mexico on a cross country road trip, we got pulled over by state police. Being from out of state there was no way to return and I needed to keep my record clean due to my career. After doing research online we decided to settle with the best. From start to Finnish Attorney Valdez and his team help with every step of the way. They got the citation dismissed and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for all the hard work. Hector Q.
Fortunately I found attorney Glenn Smith Valdez. In the end attorney Valdez was able to contest the ticket on my behalf without my appearance in court and get both charges dismissed... Attorney Valdez and his staff did an excellent job from start to finish. What a great team! H.R.
Employing the team at Glenn Smith Valdez was a great decision; the team handled my case with urgency and got both my tickets dismissed all while I was in Montana. Everything I read during my research of Mr. Valdez was true: amazing staff, quick to action, and professional. R.C.