New Mexico Traffic Ticket

New Mexico Traffic Ticket?

Was your trip to New Mexico ruined by a traffic ticket? Or were you traveling through New Mexico and given a citation for speeding or some other traffic violation? If you were ticketed in New Mexico, we can help. From New Mexico speeding tickets to serious traffic citations like Reckless Driving, Careless Driving or even DUI, Glenn Smith Valdez and his team have handled hundreds of cases just like yours.

What to Expect

What happens now will depend on how you responded when pulled over for your New Mexico Ticket. You should have been issued a New Mexico Uniform Traffic Citation. There are are two options given to drivers who are stopped for traffic tickets in New Mexico: admit guilt and pay a penalty assessment, or plead not guilty and schedule a court date.

If you signed the New Mexico Uniform Traffic Citation and the “Penalty Assessment” option is chosen you have already admitted your guilt and agreed to pay a fine. It will be extremely difficult and very expensive to try and fight your ticket at this point.

If, however, you signed the ticket and chose either the “Traffic Arraignment” or “Court Appearance” option, there is a excellent chance that you can fight your New Mexico ticket and win! Your New Mexico citation will be sent to Court and that is where you can contest it. If you want to keep this ticket or citation from appearing on your driving record, or costing you points on your driver’s license, call today. Glenn Smith Valdez is New Mexico’s Traffic Attorney and he is expert at how to protect you, your driver’s license and keep points off your record.

What Court Will You be Assigned?

Most New Mexico traffic tickets are assigned to a New Mexico Magistrate Court or Municipal Court. If you were given a traffic citation in Bernalillo County or a speeding ticket in Albuquerque you will be ordered to appear in Albuquerque Metro Court.

I Can’t Appear. What Should I do?

Many drivers who have been scheduled to appear in court are unable to return. If are an out of state driver ticketed in New Mexico and cannot appear in person, you can often have a lawyer appear for you in court. We can file a request to waive your in person appearance, or sometimes schedule you to appear by phone. In most cases, we appear on behalf of our clients, handling the entire case from start to finish, initial appearance to final order, all while keeping our clients informed of court dates and other developments. A great New Mexico traffic attorney, Glenn Smith Valdez can often keep you from returning for court.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

Only you can decide if it is worth hiring a New Mexico traffic lawyer to represent you on your New Mexico Ticket. But you may be surprised to learn that hiring a great lawyer may be less expensive than the cost of return travel and lodging. Keeping a traffic ticket off your driving record can mean saving hundreds of dollars in insurance costs. Your time is valuable and how much is peace of mind worth? Having a traffic ticket expert take care of your case, speak out for you, and fight for you is invaluable. Make the the right decision and call us today.

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