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Myrna was excellent to work with she explained everything very well then Glen called and told me what was going to happen, within 2 1/2 weeks case was dismissed Thank you guys so much
- John Williams

In May of this year I was in a side collision accident, to which I was charged with criminal charges of careless driving for running a stop sign that I did NOT run, at an intersection that is notorious for accidents. Mr. Valdez and his team did an awesome job getting it thrown out and keeping my record clear. Thank you!
- Shaaf Dorer

I have been driving trucks for 50 years with no accidents, no tickets, multiple safe driving awards. I was traveling through Hobbs NM. the first of August 2023, there was an accident between 2 cars in the intersection I was passing through. The left lane was not blocked, all the officers and people involved in the accident were standing off the road to the right lane. No one gave me any notice, I was blocking the intersection, so I passed in the left lane. One of the state troopers immediately pulled me over and gave me a citation for careless driving. I found out that this was a criminal offense I couldn't just pay, I would have to appear in court, with a possible license suspension, even jail time. I knew I needed help to resolve this, my license makes my family a living, so I looked on the internet for New Mexico attorneys that handle traffic violations. I saw the great reviews for Glen Smith Valdez, gave then a call. I know now I made the right call. Thank you Taylor, Mariah, and Itzel. Everyone I spoke with during the whole process was so professional, so polite, kept me informed all the way, took a lot of the worry off of me. Itzel was my case manager, I think she was as happy as I was when she called and told me my case was resolved with nothing on my driving record and all I had to do was take an online defensive driving course. I planned on retiring next year and I wanted to do it with a clean record and thanks to this team I am back on track. If you need help with a legal problem this should be your first call!
- Donald Armstrong

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I cannot thank the folks at Glen Smith Valdez Law Firm enough!! They were professional, sympathetic, and kind.

I'm a truck driver that got a ticket in New Mexico. It's not easy to get a job with traffic violations on your driving record and a nightmare with insurance companies. Do yourself a favor. Call Mr. Valdez and let him help you. He fixed my problem and I'm very happy 😊
- Gerardo B.

Glen and his team were able to get my traffic accident case dismissed. I'm out of state and Glen and his staff handled everything for me. I did not need to appear even once during the process which saved airline tickets, hotels, taxi or car rentals and time away. Also by having the case dismissed I avoided any points, fines or other inconveniences. The forgoing costs and or penalty's would have greatly exceeded Glens fees. It was easy working with Glen and his staff who were pleasant, competent and efficient. I've never hired a lawyer before but I'll never deal with the Justice system without one now.
- Robert Kinney

GLENN SMITH VALDEZ and the staff were very professional and helped me get my ticket dismissed. Staff was very prompt in returning my calls and answering any questions I had along the way. I would definitely recommend GLENN SMITH VALDEZ to anyone out there that needs a good lawyer.
- David Olivas

Thanks to Mr. Valdez's office for handling my case while I was incapacitated. Although I am still recovering even now, it is a great relief to have this kind of support and assistance during this time. Furthermore, I cannot thank them enough for the positive outcome. Special thanks to Shaniah for making the process stress-free for my wife and self.
- Stephen Whitfield

OUTSTANDING !…..With a challenging case, and out of state distances to consider, hiring a New Mexico attorney was a "no brainer". In addition to that, I found out that dealing with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) was near impossible when just trying to contact them, to say nothing of getting them to remove the out of state hold off my license. Attorney Valdez and his team worked tirelessly to straighten out a real mess for me and I couldn't be more pleased (and actually surprised) with the resulting positive outcome. Thank you Ashlea, Melissa, Shaniah and Glenn for everything!
- Wes Walter

Glenn Valdez Smith! I was driving through New Mexico and got caught speeding while trying to pass a semi. Due to being an out-of-state driver, I reached out to Mr. Valdez's law office for assistance. Most lawyers wouldn't have taken the time to call and give advice over the phone so quickly. He explained that since I hadn't had a ticket in over 10 years and that I wasn't over the limit by that much, that I should be given a warning. He could've easily sent me up the river! Mr. Valdez provided expert advice and a great service to a fellow Marine, free of charge. He even stated that if it didn't work out, to give him a call back and he'd get it taken care of no problem. Mr. Valdez kept it all the way G. If you are ever in a jam, you need people with brains and integrity. Good citizens need lawyers too so give Glenn a call. He'll get you squared away, Semper Fi!
- Sidney D. Pitts Jr.

They give me a ticket 5 months ago in the state of New Mexico, since I'm from Texas I decided to hire the Valdez Law Firm so they can fight for me speeding ticket, it was a long way, lots of court trials, never show myself in court, he always wave my Appearance, now I'm glad to say he dismiss my ticket, great job and great communication between the staff and the clients.
- Ricardo Ramos

I highly recommend Mr. Smith Valdez. He and his staff did an amazing job! Everyone was efficient professional and courteous. They explained the entire process in detail and provided updates throughout, making this whole ordeal virtually stress free. Thank you!
- Jennifer Y.

Mr. Valdez was amazing. I had heard great things about him from a friend of mine. I had gotten pulled over by state police at a road block. I had not realized that my driver's license was suspended, due to no insurance. (I was told that my dad was paying for my insurance) My registration had just expired as well. So I was in a pickle. I called Mr. Valdez's office and retained him immediately after speaking with him. Even though I didn't live in the same city, and our consultation was over the phone. I immediately felt at ease with my situation. I never had to step one foot in court and my ticket was squashed. I had two conversations with Mr. Valdez. The first one to retain him and the second one thanking him for his time as was case was closed. Mr. Valdez is an amazing lawyer and lives up to his wonderful reputation. If you are ever in need of a lawyer. I highly recommend you retain Mr. Valdez. Thank you again to Mr. Valdez and his team.
- Seanna L.

Even though we are out of state, we had no issues working with Mr Valdez and his staff remotely. In fact, I don't see how it would have been any easier to work with them if they were local. Our issue was resolved in an expedient manner and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.
- Magnus Karlsson

I had an outstanding ticket/warrant in Roy New Mexico and Mr. Valdez was able to get it dismissed. His staff was great to work with, very polite and professional, and helped me through the whole process. I would absolutely recommend Glenn Smith Valdez to anyone and if I ever have any issues in New Mexico again I will definitely go with him again.
- Ben R, WA

After getting a speed ticket in NM, I started to research on Google for a law firm to take care of my speeding ticket. I found and as soon as I gave them a call, they took my case and resolved it in less than a month on the first hearing. I was very satisfied with the commercial speeding ticket being dismissed. Thank you to Glenn Smith Valdez and his assistant, Ashley!
- Izet R, NM

I got a speeding ticket in Lordsberg NM and Ashley helped me get my ticket dismissed. I am a commercial driver and i thaught it would take forever to get my ticket dismissed but no it took less then a month to get my ticket dismissed. Thanks Ashley and Mr. Valdez for getting my ticket dismissed. I diffently recommend Mr. Valdez. Thanks alot guys you did a great job.
- Andrew, NM

I had a speeding ticket in Socorro for 112 in a 75!!! I was able to hire Mr. Valdez and with the help of Cynthia and Ashley they were able to get the ticket dismissed over the phone without having to go to court!!!! This is the best law firm I have ever worked with and they keep you informed every step of the way! They were also able to negotiate a speeding ticket in Santa Fe to a deferred sentence over the phone without having to go to court on that one either. I will always use them from now on for any traffic violations or any other trouble I may get in!
- Carmine Piemontese, NM

OK, I know a lot of folks have reviewed this place, but I have to have the most amazing story of all. 17 outstanding traffic violations (thanks to the inept NM court system) dating back 15 years. Warrants for failure to appear, just about anything you can do without committing a felony. Believe it or not, I had 9 license suspensions for the same traffic stop, all requiring separate letters of compliance. I had so much stuff outstanding that I had not driven in nearly 15 years. In a matter of weeks, these guys got it all sorted out, worked with NM MVD and the court system, and got my license cleared. I had tried for many years to do this myself, but all I got was arrested on the same violation - driving on a suspended license - every time. No matter how many court appearances, I could not get the compliance letters. Bottom line - No matter what your situation, these guys earn their money. No question. I was informed just about every day on progress, and every person who called knew the score. A truly exceptional organization. Well worth their fee, and then some. I am truly blown away with their understanding of the system, and their navigation through the courts. A most refreshing new take on attorneys. I plan to have them on retainer for the rest of my life. That's no joke. Love you guys!
- Bill King, AZ

I am very pleased with Glenn smith Valdez law firm I received a ticket in Gallup New Mexico in construction zone 55 omg was not posted once I got a ticket and they were able to get my ticket dismissed thank you very much I will recommend Glenn smith Valdez to everyone that I know thank you sincerely Kathy Gladson Mandina.
- Kathy Gladson Mandina, CA

The best decision I made was hiring Mr. Valdez. If you need a great attorney Mr Valdez is the man. His staff is very helpful and friendly. Hands down the best law firm I have ever used. I received a ticket in Tatum, New Mexico and it was dismissed. Thank you Mr. Valdez!
- Randell Morgan, NM

Mr. Smith Valdez was perfect. We had a difficult case and he made sure to push for us to be heard. my case has dismissed,I was impressed and happy The whole thing was stressful but Mr.Smith Valdez and his staff were understanding, responsive and helpful. Totally recommend Glen Smith Valdez. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
- Rami Abu Obeid

Mr. Valdez represented me after a car accident due to icy weather and I received a careless driving ticket outside of Santa Fe. My case was completely dismissed!! I live in Florida and I did not have to fly back for any court appearances. He is truly the attorney you want representing you. His superior expertise, experience and his timely manner handling my case was very impressive and the best possible outcome speaks for itself! His staff is very helpful & available and knowledgeable. From my first conversation with Mr. Valdez I knew he was the best attorney for the job. He explains everything fully and makes sure all your questions are answered. He was fully vested in my case From the moment he started representing me. I knew I didn't have to worry because I picked the best attorney. He is very efficient, and my expectations were exceeded. His rates are very reasonable. He is very honest & trustworthy. I sincerely thank you Mr Valdez and your wonderful staff. I highly recommend him to anyone needing his type of expertise.
- Marlene Smith, FL

Glenn is a very good attorney and I very much appreciated all the experience he brought with him... He defended me and my ticket was dismissed I would definitely recommend him to anyone....
- Thomas Ritcherson, NM

I highly recommend Mr. Valdez, I am from Texas, and I was on my way to work, unfortunately I got two traffic citations in Mew Mexico. I was looking for help to fight an out of state citation and in doing so, I came across Mr. Valdez law firm's website. I read his clients testimonials and recommendations which are high, so I called his office for help with my citations, and I had my citations dismissed. Mr. Valdez and his staff are very courteous and professional and exceeded my expectations. I can't thank you enough Mr. Valdez, I give you five stars across the board!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Sincerely R. Salas.
- Romaldo Salas

Muy buenos abogados. Lo mejor de todo que no tuve que ir a Nuevo Mexico desde Colorado. Aparte fue todo el proceso rapido y con excelente trabajo.
- Patricio J, CO

I highly recommend this office i'm very satisfied I spoke with Catherine she help me pay all my fees and made sure everything was done perfect so thank you all again.
- Rose Costello, TX

Nothing but High Commends. They took care of my tickets in a timely manner, with good results. I highly recommend The Law Office of Glen Smith Valdez.
- Daniel Tijerina, TX

I didn't have to do anything u guys took care off everything thank u so much...
- Luis Gomez, TX

Absolutely positively satisfied with the failed as Law Firm we were confident from the start they can get my ticket dismissed and they most certainly did the staff was very professional and informative through the entire process if you have a ticket that you want taking care of this is the law firm for you.
- Timothy Hodnett, IL

I was very happy with the result I got for you guy and I'll late them know any of my friends if they have in trouble in New Mexico so all I can say now is thank you guys ever much....!
- Hussein Hassan, OH

Mr. Smith Valdez was perfect. We had a difficult case and he made sure to push for us to be heard. I was impressed. The whole thing was stressful but Mr.Smith Valdez and his staff were understanding, responsive and helpful. Totally recommend Glen Smith Valdez.
- Lila Pacheco, NM

Received a speeding ticket in Gallup NM where the limit changed from 75 to 65. Must of missed the sign because I was passing a slower truck blocking my view of the sign at that time. Saw a billboard advertisement for Valdez Law Offices so I thought I would give them a call. Best call I could of made for the situation. These people were Great and stayed on top of it and kept me in the loop through the whole process. Ticket was dismissed. Thanks again Valdez for the excellent work!!!
- Bruce – Lake Zurich, IL

I recieved a moving violation ticket and thanks to them it was dismissed. No points on my license. Great communication with the office as well. Easy to get a hold of. Very happy overall.
- Piotr – North Royalton, OH

Thank you for your good service...
- Francisco Morales – NV

Were quick and courteous were understanding of the problem and helped me get it resolved would definitely recommend this Law firm again if needed thanks again.
- R.Beard

After doing some google research and considering several factors I decided to go with the Valdez Law Firm!! Let me tell you this was the BEST decision I made! From the beginning to the end of the process this team was very professional and clear , made feel very confident and as such, in good hands. The outcome was amazing. I encourage everyone out there in need of an extraordinary traffic law office to call these guys!! Thank you thank you and thank you. Will always be grateful to have been your client and for all the hard work you all did. You guys rock !!!!!!
- Vladimir V. – Key West, FL

Excellent customer service!! The whole staff was very attentive and always kept me updated at all times!! Thank you so much Mr Valdez and staff for working hard and getting my case dismissed.
- Gabriel Quesada

Awesome people, did a great job.
- Benny Mendiola

Attention Truck Drivers, or any body for that matter. If you got a misfortune in New Mexico and "smoked " a Ticket, this is the Law Firm you got to call. Simply the Best.
- Viktor K.

Totally worth the money spent, great communication and got my ticket dismissed.
- Matthew P.

I would highly recommend Glenn Smith Valdez. I am from Texas and received a traffic citation when passing through New Mexico. Once I called his office, a burden was immediately taken off my shoulders. He and his staff took over and handled everything for me. They kept me informed throughout the process and the matter was taken care of without me having to leave home and travel hours to take care of it. It was so convenient! Many thanks to Mr. Valdez and his efficient staff for providing me with such peace of mind!
- Rey S. - Odessa, TX

I needed help with a speeding ticket. I got wonderful service and the charges were dropped. It would have been my third ticket since driving. I really appreciated the wonderful service. Thank you!
- Susan R. - Albuquerque, NM

The entire staff was awesome all winners in my book
- Damone C. - Chatsworth, CA

Very easy to work with and great people all around. Highly recomend.
- Tyler - Albuquerque, NM

Thank U
- Iaroslav I.

I was traveling through New Mexico and received a speeding ticket and I was concerned about it going on my driving record. I found this law firm online and from the receptionist Jessica to the legal assistants Jocelyn and Katherine the entire team was professional, courteous, and prompt. They got my case resolved quickly and effectively and I'm grateful for their guidance through the process. I would highly recommend their services!
- Nicole H. - NM

Excellent representation. My speeding ticket was dismissed!! Thank you.
- Colette W. - NM

Driving through New Mexico on a cross country road trip, we got pulled over by state police. Being from out of state there was no way to return and I needed to keep my record clean due to my career. After doing research online we decided to settle with the best. From start to Finnish Attorney Valdez and his team help with every step of the way. They got the citation dismissed and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for all the hard work.
- Hector Q. - NM

I was driving through New Mexico and received a citation for speeding. I live in Las Vegas, NV and it was not cost effective to return to New Mexico for the hearing. Luckily, I did some research for representation for the citation and found Glenn on the internet. Once I contacted Glenn and agreed for his firm to represent me, he and his staff did a great job from start to finish. I was ecstatic to hear the citation had been dismissed. Excellent service and communication from Glenn and his team - I would highly recommend them.
- M.R. - Las Vegas, NV

I was driving to Las Cruces from El Paso and got stopped for speeding after having to pass a driver that was swerving dangerously. I live in El Paso and had worked in Las Cruces at the time, but the case was set to be in the middle of a workday in Anthony, New Mexico. Luckily, I found Glenn on the internet and he and his staff diligently took care of everything. He and his staff did tremendous work throughout the process and I was happy when they mailed me the information stating that my citation was dismissed. Highly recommended!
- Bryan - El Paso, Texas

We had a driver driving through New Mexico and he got 2 tickets.

We found an attorney on the Internet, Glenn Smith Valdez; he got both tickets dismissed for us.

He and his staff did a great job from start to finish and we were very happy when they called and said the tickets were dismissed. What a great team!
- Soren Nielsen, Safety Director, Henderson Heavy Haul Trucking Inc.

I was driving through New Mexico, got pulled over and received three traffic infractions including Driving Under Suspension. I missed the court date because I'm from South Carolina and did not have the means to get back to New Mexico in time. I checked the Internet, and Valdez Law Office popped up. I called Glenn and within minutes he helped me to clear my bench warrant and set a new court date. At my court date Glenn got all three tickets dismissed! He's the best!
- L.L. – Morton, South Carolina

My name Shawn, and I am an oil field truck driver. I happened to be working in the State of New Mexico and got a speeding ticket; this meant my career of 16 years was in jeopardy. I would like to thank the Glenn Smith Valdez Law Firm. They took my case and got it dismissed and kept my driving record and license clean. I highly recommend Glenn Smith Valdez, and once again thanks!
- Shawn B. – Statesboro, GA

Everything said about Glenn was TRUE! I was pulled over on July 4th by a State Police Officer. I did not admit guilt and chose to fight it in court. Because I live in Texas, I didn’t want the hassle of fighting the ticket out of state so I searched for a great representative. I found the office of Glenn Smith Valdez and gave it a shot. The process was incredibly smooth. The communication was wonderful and they were always there to answer all my questions. My ticket was dismissed and I had to do almost nothing. They took care of everything through the entire process. I don’t intend to be pulled over again, but if it happens, Glenn is my go-to law office. Couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you!!!
- Candice M. - El Paso, TX

Thank you for your handling of Mr. C's case. We will definitely recommend Mr. Valdez to any family or friends that may require legal services in the future.
- M.P. El Paso, TX

TestimonialA surprise snow storm hit in Northern NM 3 days before Christmas in 2014. I was traveling back home to El Paso, TX from Pueblo, CO on I-25 in my Dodge dually pulling a 40' enclosed gooseneck trailer. I hit a patch of ice and jack knifed my rig into the median between the South & North bound highway. Keep in mind I did no damage to any property, street signs, poles, fences, etc. I was never issued a ticket when the state trooper arrived on scene nor did I sign anything. SEVERAL months down the road I get a notice in the mail that I have a court hearing for "Careless Driving"! What?? I couldn't believe it so I did some searching on Google and Glenn Valdez kept popping up for traffic lawyers. So I sent them an e-mail and heard from them the next day. It was smooth sailing from there. I have a busy schedule so there was no way I was going to drive to Las Vegas, NM for my court date. They took care of everything and always kept me up to speed on things. My case was dismissed and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. With a CDL, the last thing I need is a "Careless Driving" ticket on my record. I would certainly recommend the law offices of Glenn Valdez if you receive a traffic ticket in the state of NM. Thanks again for all your help!
- Ryan M – El Paso, TX

I was driving through Albuquerque on New Year's Day and got stopped and cited for carrying an oversized load, which I was unaware of. I live in Nevada and couldn't possibly return. Luckily, I found Glenn on the internet and he took care of everything. He and his staff did a great job from start to finish and I was happy when they called to tell me my citations were dismissed. I owe a big debt to Glenn and his team for representing me in a professional manner, and helping me to keep my CDL record clear of violations.
- Todd A. – Las Vegas NV

I had not received a traffic violation in 21 years, so when I was wrongfully pulled over in my church parking lot for reckless driving by a over zealous police officer, I knew I would need to be represented by someone I could trust. I did quite a bit a research on the internet and by phone before I decided on Glenn Valdez. What made Mr. Valdez standout to me was his professionalism as well as his knowledge of this particular high profile police officer. Glenn came up with the best possible solution to get this violation dismissed. Meanwhile, his staff kept me well informed through out the whole process. Glenn and his staff turned my bad situation into a pleasant outcome. Thank you!
- Wesley - Albuquerque, NM

I was driving through New Mexico and got stopped for speeding. I didn't have my insurance card available. The officer told me it was no big deal, and there would be no fine as long as I faxed a copy to the court. Unfortunately, soon after I was deployed overseas as a member of the military. I never heard anything more about the incident until several years later, when I was pulled over in a different state and discovered I had a bench warrant for my arrest! Luckily, I found Glenn on the internet and he took care of everything. With one phone call and one easy payment, my citation was dismissed. The staff explained the entire process to me. They kept me up to date with information related to my case and informed me when my case was dismissed. Thanks for serving a service member in need!
- Ryan B. - San Ramon, CA

testimonialI was driving from El Paso, TX to Mesa AZ. In Deming, New Mexico the New Mexico Highway Patrol pulled me over and gave a speeding ticket - I m a CDL driver and citations can affect me too much. I searched the web and found Glenn Smith Valdez. His team started to work from the first call. The customer service is awesome and the results were excellent. Finally my ticket was dismissed! I strongly recommend the service from Glenn Smith Valdez and his Team.
- Jose C. El Paso, TX

I travel for work and I got caught in a speed trap in New Mexico. Living in South Carolina, it would be impossible for me to make a trip or two back to NM to go to court. My job also depended on this ticket getting taken care of. Thanks to the Valdez law firm, my ticket was dismissed and my career was saved. Thank you very much to Glenn Valdez and his team for having my best interest in my mind.
- Michael R. – Blackburg, SC

Very satisfied! I work out of state and was passing through, I wrecked my truck (as if that wasn't bad enough) but they still tried to find ways to punish me for doing nothing wrong. My attorney represented me better than expected. If you get a ticket, call them.
- Andrew H. – Escondido, CA

I am an Owner Operator from California, and have a spotless driving record and continue to have a clean record because of Glenn Valdez and His Team. I received a speeding ticket in Gallup, New Mexico. I found Glenn Valdez’s Law Firm on an Internet search. It was the best phone call I made. Glenn’s Team took my information and from that moment I was treated with courtesy and professionalism. All Correspondence and documents that needed to be signed was made available through my e-mail from My smart phone. I was updated at every turn on my case. I did not have to appear in court and my case was dismissed. Having Glenn and His team representing me allowed me to conduct business as usual without any distractions. If you’re in need of a great Legal Team I recommend Glenn Valdez Attorney at law. Thank You Once again to Glenn and His Team.
- Robert B. – Elk Grove, CA

After receiving a speeding citation I contacted the Valdez law firm. They kept me well informed with any updates or changes as needed. Glenn and his team made the process a breeze.
- Regards, Steve C. – Albuquerque, NM

TestimonialI am a long term resident of New Mexico and recently received a traffic ticket that would have substantially impacted my driving record and car insurance. I contacted the law office of Glenn Smith Valdez for assistance. Glenn and his office staff were excellent at calming my nerves and resolving my traffic citation in a very satisfactory manner. Great work by everyone involved at Glenn's office.
- A.R. – Santa Fe, NM

I am totally pleased with the representation by Mr. Valdez and his office. They know exactly what should be done and are very efficient. They got my citation dismissed and kept my record clean. Thank you for the great job!
- X.M. – NM

My name is Mario, I was headed northbound to Taos, NM, got off the relief route 599, then I got stopped. I went to court twice in Santa Fe NM, but didn't get anywhere with my ticket. Found Glenn Smith Valdez on the internet (great choice), Glenn and his staff got right on my case and got the ticket dismissed. I highly recommend Glenn Smith Valdez. Thank you Glenn and Staff for a job well done.
- Mario T. - Albuquerque, NM

TestimonialMy husband and I were traveling to see family in New Mexico. We had traveled around 1000 miles over two days and were looking at sights as well as trying to navigate our way on unfamiliar roads. I unintentionally sped through a Ft Sumner downtown area. We, very fortunately, sought legal representation from the offices of Glenn Smith Valdez. Not only was the retainer fair the legal aides and office staff were thorough and courteous and the solution was excellent; we aided the community with the donation agreed to by the officer and kept my record clean.
- Nancy - Palmdale, CA

I received a traffic citation and contacted Glenn Smith Valdez. One of his assistants responded quickly. They handled my citation and I received a dismissal without going to court. In fact, all of our business was handled via email and the telephone. I am happy with their professionalism and quick attention to my citation. I would recommend the Valdez Law firm to anyone seeking competent representation.
- I. Nichols – Albuquerque, NM

I would like to thank Glenn and his team for their help with my court case.

While traveling by motorcycle on holiday from Australia, I was involved in a collision with a car outside Santa Fe. I was charged with careless driving and given a court date to attend. As my holiday ended soon afterwards and I was back in Australia, it was not possible for me to appear in court, so after searching the internet and numerous phone calls to law offices in the area, I found Glenn and his team who helped us to understand what was to happen and what to expect. They organized the hearing so that I did not have to appear and spoke to the officer involved and had all charges dismissed.

Once again, I wish to thank Glenn and his team for all of their help.
- Martin G. - Brisbane, Australia

My name is Vince, I am a professional truck driver. My fiancé and I were involved in an accident. We were rear-ended in my pick-up truck. The road conditions were icy and there was a road closure by the NM State Police, which I believe was improperly set up. I was issued two citations. I felt these citations were wrongly issued, at which time I decided to seek legal advice. I spoke with many attorneys, none of which sounded promising. I then called Glenn Smith Valdez (on a Sunday no less), and after speaking with him, he was willing to take my case.

I can't say enough about this legal team, they are AMAZING! They took care of all the details and even arranged representation on my part so I wouldn't have to appear in court, that alone was a big relief. The two citations were dismissed, which saved me on rising insurance costs and my FMCSA score on my CDL from being lowered. I highly recommend this law firm.
- Vince Y. - Questa, NM

Thank you Glenn and your legal team at Valdez Law Office for your help on my behalf. I have driven in over 40 states in the USA over the last 20+ years with out a single traffic citation until March 2016, when I encountered the New Mexico shake down at Raton, New Mexico. The New Mexico DPS cop did a 2 hour roadside inspection followed by a 10 hour impoundment of my half ton pick up and aluminum single car hauler trailer with the 5 page write up of 3 citations . All of this occurred only 90 MINUTES after a New Mexico check station at Clayton, New Mexico had cleared my pick up and trailer to legally travel through New Mexico. After unsuccessfully making another the 1200 mile/2 day trip from Austin, Texas to try to clear up the charges on my own, I realized that I needed professional help to deal with the questionable charges. The Internet ad directed me to Glenn Smith Valdez. From my first telephone call with their Client Liaison, Johanna, to the ending conversation with Ashlea, I was treated with professionalism . My case ended with a dismissal of the charges. The legal fees that I paid to Glenn Smith Valdez were worth every penny so that I did not have to return to the New Mexico shake down in Raton, New Mexico.
- Vic C. – Austin, TX

TestimonialI was recently pulled over in New Mexico for speeding and the officer cited me for driving with a suspended license. It was impossible that I attend my court appearance due to being a resident of Texas. I immediately contacted Glenn's office. He and his hardworking staff handled everything and my citation was quickly dismissed. They showed me proven results and I was extremely impressed!
- Edward Beltran

I would like to thank your office for a job well done. The dismissal of my speeding ticket today was great news for me, as well as the company I drive for. As a CDL holder, speeding tickets are a big deal. So thanks again and next time I get a ticket I'll give you a call (just kidding no more tickets for me).
- J.C. Johnson City, TN

I was driving home and was pulled over for speeding in las cruces and was also fined for not having the paper registration in the vehicle. I failed to appear in court which caused a warrant to be issued as well. I had a hard time finding an attorney that was able to assist me since I live in El Paso county, that's when I turned to Glenn and his team for help. They worked very quickly to have the warrant removed and they also were able to have both of my tickets dismissed. I highly recommend Glenn and his team to anyone that has traffic violations in New Mexico. Thanks again!
- D.D.H. – Socorro TX

Was driving through New Mexico near Santa Fe, and got pulled over by Sheriff for bogus careless driving offense. It would have required two trips back to Santa Fe to contest the ticket myself. What a hassle. Found GLENN SMITH VALDEZ, Attorney at law, on the Internet. They were incredible, and got case dismissed without a trial. They were fair, quick, competent, and in the know of how to get things TAKEN CARE OF. Don’t fool yourself, get the best counsel in New Mexico, and you will never look back.
- Randy W. – El Paso, TX

I got pulled over by an Albuquerque Police Sergeant and received two tickets, one for no seat belt and the other for obstructing traffic as I didn't leave the traffic light in a timely manner. Glenn was able to get both tickets dismissed and kept my record clear. Good job Glenn!

- James S. - Albuquerque, NM

I deliver fuel to all parts of New Mexico and while heading south on US 54, DOT opened a scale that's always closed. I was pulled over and given two citations for running a scale and not stopping at a stop sign. Anne was courteous and professional and they were able to get my tickets dismissed and off my record. I highly recommend them. Thank you!
- Jason G. - El Paso, TX

TestimonialI had some lingering traffic tickets and criminal cases in Albuquerque from the past which needed to be dealt with. I had since moved out of state and, unfortunately, was not able to travel to New Mexico for court due to my job. Mr. Valdez and his awesome, attentive staff took care of everything I needed. Communication was timely, professional and the entire process ended up being easier than I thought. All of my cases are now taken care of and I never had to leave my office in Texas. I highly recommend their services.
- Ryan P. Cedar Park, TX