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Testimonials (Part 2)

TestimonialI was pulled over for in Alamogordo, NM for speeding; I live in El Paso, TX and was not available to attend court in person. The law offices of Mr. Valdez took care of all matters and provided timely and satisfactory services. He and his staff were very professional and well versed in the NM traffic laws which subsequently led to the dismissal of my traffic citation. I will highly recommend his services to any friends and family that find themselves in a similar situation.
- Adrian E. – El Paso, TX

Amazing service and outcome! Traveling from Texas to Mexico, I received two citations in the state of New Mexico. I tried to take care of the tickets myself, but they were requiring me to go to court. I didn’t have the time to take off from work and personally deal with the tickets on my own. It would be a five-hour drive there and a five-hour drive back home. I also realized I needed to have good legal representation to ensure they would not be on my record. I found Glenn on the Internet and he spoke with me right away. I appreciated the communication he and his team provided and his services were excellent. It was money well spent to not have to appear in court, file paperwork and to get both tickets dismissed! I would use him and recommend him anytime! Thanks Glenn and Team!!
- Luis G – Dumas, Texas

I was in New Mexico and was pulled over for speeding on US-70. I am from El Paso, TX and had no way to fight the ticket myself and couldn't find a lawyer that covered Otero County until I found Glenn Valdez’s website. Glenn and his team were more than happy to help me fight my ticket and to arrange it so I didn't have to appear and waste gas driving almost three hours to go to court. They gave me updates through phone, email, and snail mail to keep me up to date on my status of keeping the ticket off my record. They were successful and left me with a clean record in the end and the process was fast and easy to follow. I would recommend them to everyone who gets a ticket in New Mexico, especially out of state drivers.
- D.W. - El Paso, TX

As an out of state driver I was in need of a New Mexico attorney to handle a traffic matter. The help from attorney Valdez and his staff was excellent! Everything was handled smoothly by phone and email and the outcome was just what I needed. I will not hesitate to use these services again and would recommend them to anyone with similar needs.
- Michael M. – Pagosa Springs, CO

This is the 2nd time I use Glenn’s services for a traffic violation ticket. The first time I was amazed at the result, quick, dismissed and always prompt on updates. The 2nd time I was even more surprised on how quickly they were able to talk to the officer and also have the charges dismissed. During the process, the entire team has always kept close contact and daily updates, by phone and e-mail. Professional team is what is driving the excellent work at this firm. I would use them again and would recommend any person in need of criminal or any law to use them without worrying about follow-ups, as they always serve in the best interest of the client.
- V. Fuan – El Paso, TX

You did an excellent job. Thank you for listening to us and believing in me. You've got to be the greatest attorney we've ever seen at work.
- Michael & Veronica, NM

We were driving through Albuquerque when I was pulled over because the officer thought I wasn't wearing a seat belt. He wouldn't budge on the issue and gave me a ticket. We had to be in California the next morning for a delivery, so we had no time to fight this on our own. In a truck it is hard to determine when you will be back through the same place again. Mr. Valdez called personally to tell us he got a dismissal without us having to show up in court. I would definitely recommend Glenn Valdez and will call back if I ever need legal services again.
- L.T. Marline, TX

I travel to New Mexico for business and have been stopped twice for (allegedly) speeding. My insurance agent gave me the phone number for Glenn Smith Valdez Law office the first time I was stopped. Mr. Valdez and his team took great care of me. I appreciate that they always called me or sent me an email to keep me informed of what was happening with my case. In both cases, Mr. Valdez's team negotiated a settlement that kept me from having a speeding conviction on my license. I would recommend Glenn Smith Valdez to anyone with issues in New Mexico.
- DA, Missouri

I was on my way to pick up my son when I got stopped. At that time I was moving between New Mexico and Texas and I couldn't possibly make it back in time for court. I was glad when I found Glenn. He and his team were so nice and they explained everything and took me step-by-step through the process of getting my case dismissed. I will always be grateful.
- Angelica M. –San Angelo, TX

I was in New Mexico where the speed limits change often and I did not see the sign change. When it changed again for the 3rd time. I slowed down to what I thought was the speed limit. I was pulled over and the officers explained to me where the speed changed. They wrote me a ticket, I have a clean record and always watch the road. I was so upset! I Googled how to deal with a speeding ticket in New Mexico and Mr. Valdez came up. I am so happy I called! The entire staff is so nice and helpful. Very fast on replies and updates. I am truly happy with all the work they put into my case. My case was dismissed and all was taken care of by them! I highly recommend you calling them. Especially living in NY, this was very convenient for me. Thank you team Valdez!
- JLR - New York

I was driving in New Mexico when I got busted for speeding and not having my insurance card with me at the time. That’s when I started to look for a lawyer. I called other lawyers and I felt like they just wanted my money and the staff really wasn't knowledgeable about these citations - nor friendly. Then I looked around some more - I saw Mr. Valdez’s law office on the internet. As soon as I contacted them the staff was very helpful and took the time to investigate what was going on with my citations. Mr. Valdez and his staff made me feel comfortable and kept me informed at all times about my case; that's when I knew I made the right decision hiring Mr. Valdez. He and his staff told me not to worry they would take care of it. A few weeks later his staff contacted me and told me that my case was dismissed. Mr. Valdez and his staff got the job done. Thank you Mr. Valdez and staff for your hard work!
- Carlos W. El Paso, TX

I want to thank you so much for making my problems as painless as possible. Not only did I get 1 ticket for an open container, I got 2 and an unlawful use of a license. I was worried I would have to go to jail and would lose my job. Instead I didn't even have to go to court, everything was handled for me. I feel like I lucked out. Thank you Mr. Valdez, I am very happy with your service and would recommend you to my friends and family.

- Bradley P. -Carlsbad, NM

I am a commercial car transporter out of Missouri and was driving through New Mexico. A New Mexico DOT officer pulled me over for speeding and did an inspection of my truck, trailer and my load. He wrote me a ticket for speeding and improper tie down of my load. I was not a happy camper and planned on fighting these tickets. Completely by luck after searching the internet for an attorney to represent me, I found the Glenn Valdez Law Firm. Well let me tell you I am glad I did. After contact they kept me informed of what was going on with my situation. The officer that stopped me wanted to play hardball so we had to go to court. When court started I couldn’t believe how good of an attorney Mr. Valdez was. I mean real-live Perry Mason stuff. When it was all said and done, the judge found me NOT-GUILTY of both tickets. It was GREAT. If you want an attorney that cares and will fight tooth and nail for you - this is your man. THANKS GLENN!
- C.S. - Cassville, MO

I would like to thank the Team at Glenn Smith Valdez for helping me get my speeding ticket dilemma taken care of. I unfortunately picked up two speeding tickets and being someone who has had a long history for driving fast – which can almost be as bad as having a DUI or DWI - I was nervous my company’s insurance wouldn't cover me; at which point I would have lost my job. I decided to go with Valdez Law Office. They were able to take care of my problems with no points and at an affordable price.

Once again Thanks!!!!!
- Miguel M. – Artesia, NM

I recently took a trip around the country (8137 miles) with my family and when driving thru New Mexico I received a speeding citation for doing 70 in a 55. Speed limit signs were anywhere from 15 to 25 miles apart and I was literally in the middle of nowhere. I live in Florida and wasn’t sure what my options were. It’s been over 20 years since my last ticket and I hold a CDL so I really wanted this to go away. I found Glenn Smith Valdez online and they did a phenomenal job with my case. They got me a probation period of 60 days and if no violations it will be dropped. How awesome is that? I highly recommend Glenn Smith Valdez for any motor vehicle violations.
- Mike V - Callahan FL

I have been a tanker driver for the past 10 years and routinely run I-40 in New Mexico and parts of Arizona. I was recently ticketed for going 74 in a 65 where the speed limit is reduced while in the Gallup City Limits. I have not had a ticket in over 5 years but did not want this ticket to show up on my record or have points assessed for obvious reasons. I was going to shop around for a reasonable priced lawyer to represent me but after my first call to Glenn Smith Valdez, I was quickly given enough information that I did not look further. After being quoted a reasonable fee, they handled everything from that point on. The end result was exactly what they told me they expected to get for me. I made a small contribution to a local charity (which is a worthy cause) and my case was dropped. No citation or points assessed to my Drivers License). I hope I never need legal services again, but if I do I know who my first call will be to. I give my full endorsement and recommendation to Glenn Smith Valdez, to any CDL Driver in need of legal representation.
- RLM – Rio Rancho, NM

TestimonialDriving South from Taos I missed a 45 MPH sign. I received a citation for 59 in a 45 zone. I thought it was very unfair but apparently the Officer didn't agree. I called Valdez and staff and they got right on it and did everything and were able to get it dismissed and kept my driving record clean.
- D. Moon – Angel Fire, NM

I had a great experience working with Glenn Smith Valdez. I was always treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Each person from the firm was always very helpful and willing to answer all my questions regarding my case. I was given every opportunity to be involved with the direction of the case. The staff were a pleasure to work with.
- Robert S. - Ash Fork, AZ

If you ever receive a traffic ticket in New Mexico, I highly recommend you contact Glenn Smith Valdez. He is first class and his legal team is awesome. I was very nervous and quite concerned in having to deal with a Careless Driving charge. After discovering that such a charge is classified as a misdemeanor, and as such I could face jail time, lose my driver’s license and face very stiff fines. This was obviously a very serious situation. I was scared to death and literally a nervous wreck. I found the Glenn Smith Valdez law firm on the internet and called his office. He returned my call within minutes, and he quickly put me at ease. He was not only compassionate, he was right on point. I knew immediately I was in good hands. Mr. Valdez and his legal team kept me informed throughout the process. And yes, Mr. Valdez got my ticket dismissed! I gladly paid a very reasonable fee for great legal representation and a great outcome. Great big thanks to you, Glenn, and your awesome team!
- Bob L. - Phoenix, AZ

I received two traffic tickets in Albuquerque, NM while traveling through and had forgotten about them until recently when I was trying to transfer my driver’s license from another state and it became a real problem prohibiting me from doing so. I called what felt like everyone at the court and was told my only option was to return to New Mexico. I really felt like that was going to be my only option, because, I was being told this by employees of the court, sheriffs’ office and MVD. This was a real problem for me because I live in Montana. Employing the team at Glenn Smith Valdez was a great decision; the team handled my case with urgency and got both my tickets dismissed all while I was in Montana. Everything I read during my research of Mr. Valdez was true: amazing staff, quick to action, and professional.
- DH – Glendale, AZ

TestimonialI really appreciate all your help and assistance with erasing, dismissing and taking care of my old speeding ticket and warrants on file in the state of New Mexico. You were able to do this all while me being stationed overseas and you maintained constant communication by phone and email. The service was phenomenal - - more than I could ask for. The process was smooth and speedy, again thank you so much for everything!
- Jose, Sgt. U.S.M.C. - Camp Hansen, Japan

Responsive, effective, very pleasant and personable! That's how I would describe the team at Glenn Valdez!! I was passing through New Mexico on a small rural highway with nothing but desert for miles... except for an officer in the middle of nowhere who had his lights on before I even approached him! I guess it's NM rules to try to get you to admit guilt right then and there so you will pay the fine, but I declined, was given thirty days to get to court, and continued on my way. This being a cross-country trip, I knew I'd not make it back to NM anytime soon, so luckily found Glenn Valdez on the internet. They listened to my complaint, took necessary steps for contacting the court, and kept me informed the whole time. Eventually they even contacted the officer and an agreement was made for a dismissal resulting in a clear record. Although I was never informed of what my fine would have been, but I'm sure it would have been more than what I paid for the support of Glenn Valdez and I now have a clean record as well! If you are pulled over in NM, don't admit guilt but instead call Glenn Valdez, they are worth it!!!
- Jeffrey D. – Granite Bay, CA

I have an over-the-road trucking company, and I was on a trip driving through New Mexico, when I received a ticket for faulty equipment. I live in Indiana, and it would've been a hardship to return to New Mexico at the specific time frame. I looked on the internet for local attorneys to help me with my situation, and found Glenn Smith Valdez. His team was very friendly, thorough, and very helpful. Got the job done quickly and completely. Thank you.
- S.P. - Pfeiffer Enterprises, Inc.

TestimonialI was driving back to California from Roswell New Mexico when I was pulled over by an officer for speeding. Since I'm not familiar with the laws in New Mexico nor could I have made it back to my court date, I looked for someone to represent me. That's when I found Glenn and his staff, they helped me tremendously. They were on top of everything and kept up with my court appointment. Everyone was very courteous and at the end my case was dismissed. I highly recommend their services.

- Roberto A. – Santa Ana, CA

Amazing service and outcome! I was pulled over and cited on I-10 east bound on our way to a job site. I found the Valdez firm on a web search and it was a great choice! They are very professional and to the point. They do not waste your time or give you the run around. They took care of everything - all I did was email some signed paperwork and before I knew it the case was dismissed. I definitely recommend Glenn Valdez and his team for your legal needs. They are outstanding.
- C.G. - Los Angeles, CA

I was driving through New Mexico with my family and was stopped for speeding. As I live out of state it would be very difficult for me to return for a court appearance. Fortunately I found Glenn on the internet and he handled everything for me. He and his staff worked diligently on my behalf and I was elated to hear that my citation had been dismissed! The service and performance from the Valdez Law Firm was exemplary from start to finish. They are a great team and I would highly recommend them if you are in need of their services.

- T.N . –Texas

As I was exiting off of the highway, I was pulled over on the exit ramp for speeding. I am a student at university who has both work and school, so attending to court would be very difficult. I found Glenn's office online, and he took care of everything including a waiver of appearance. The outcome was a deferred sentence, which is much better than having the ticket on my record. The office is also really good at keeping their clients updated and made communication very easy.
- Ryan B. Albuquerque, NM

I want to thank the team at Glenn Smith Valdez Law, for the amazing job they did on my case. I was a truck driver passing thru New Mexico when I had a loss of control accident. I was later cited for careless driving and Glenn and his team went to court for me. I live in CA and a court appearance in person would be costly, his expertise in these matters got all charges dropped and no court costs. Thanks to all the Glenn Smith Valdez staff! Much appreciated.
- R.T.R. Simi Valley, CA

I needed to finally resolve a ticket that I got driving through New Mexico many years ago. I live far away, and I couldn't resolve it myself from a distance. I found Mr. Valdez, and he and his office staff resolved the tickets and got them dismissed! His staff is professional, communicated clearly and in a timely manner, and got a quick result. They made the process very easy and painless, and his service was affordable. My ticket was a thorn on my side for many years, and my biggest regret is that I didn't find Mr. Valdez to hire him sooner. I highly recommend him and his team!
- A.P. – Fredericksburg, VA

TestimonialI am from California but was driving through New Mexico and the weather was pretty severe there. I was trying to control the truck but because of icy road conditions was unable to do so. Nobody was around and nobody got hurt. The truck had minor damage. About 3 hours later, police officer showed up and gave me a careless driving ticket. I didn't know what to do and I was unaware of how serious that ticket was. I went online and found Mr. Valdez online and called right away. The staff was amazing and Mr. Valdez got everything under his control. When my case was dismissed because of insufficient evidence, I was so relieved. I can't thank Mr. Valdez enough for an outstanding job!

- Mihail S. - Sacramento, CA

I live in California and got a ticket in New Mexico. A friend of mine referred me to Mr. Valdez’ office as he previously dealt with them and was very happy. I was reluctant at first given the distance and my negative experiences in these matters, but the team kept me up to date with the process, the current offers and what we were looking at. I got the call today that my case is completely dismissed. I am beyond words and wholeheartedly encourage everyone with a ticket there to contact this legal team and not face the music alone.
- H.G. – Sacramento, CA