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Ticket Fox is your connection to New Mexico’s top rated, most experienced traffic attorney, Glenn Smith Valdez. Ticket Fox is here to help out of state drivers, commercial drivers, and local drivers who need excellent representation and assistance with New Mexico traffic court, traffic warrants, and driver’s license issues.

Why Ticket Fox?

At Ticket Fox, we pride ourselves on our ability to to defend our clients through the use of outstanding legal experience, unparalleled understanding of the traffic code and court rules, and an unmatched record of outstanding advocacy. At Ticket Fox we know the rules, the players and the system, and a Ticket Fox understands how to avoid the traps, snares and pitfalls of traffic law.

The Ticket Fox Approach

Most Ticket Fox clients have similar goals, and at Ticket Fox, we have spent years crafting a process designed to accomplish those goals. The Ticket Fox approach starts with convenience. When you call Ticket Fox at 505.873.6120 you will speak with one of our trained legal professionals who will complete the Ticket Fox intake with you. The Ticket Fox intake creates a concise picture of all the pertinent facts, including citation information, court assignment, and client goals and objectives. At Ticket Fox, we have unmatched experience dealing with courts, agencies, and law enforcement officers across the State of New Mexico. At Ticket Fox we have created the Ticket Fox database that contains not only the policies, preferences, and rules of the particular traffic courts and police agencies, but the also the complete Ticket Fox history of our experience with the individual officers, their reasonableness and willingness to reduce, defer, and dismiss charges. After your intake, your case will be reviewed by our attorney, and you will be contacted by the Ticket Fox staff and given pricing, payment options, and a forecast of likely outcomes.

Ticket Fox Takes Care of Your Initial Appearance

Once you have hired us, Ticket Fox staff immediately files the Entry of Appearance and Plea of Not Guilty with the Traffic Court. Those filings inform the court that you have retained the Ticket Fox professionals to represent you in the case, and will take the place of the ordered appearance on the Uniform Traffic Citation.

Ticket Fox Will Help Waive Your Appearance for Hearings and Trial

The Ticket Fox staff will communicate with you throughout the process. Shortly after you have hired us, you will have the opportunity to sign a Waiver of Appearance and a limited Power of Attorney, that we file with the traffic court. Those documents, if accepted by the Court, will allow the Ticket Fox Attorney to appear on your behalf, without requiring your presence in court.

Despite your waiver, the professionals at Ticket Fox will make sure that you are informed about the process, and your goals are always the driving force behind the decisions in your case. In some cases, clients prefer a telephone appearance rather than an outright waiver, for those clients, Ticket Fox will file the proper motions, and on the day of your hearing or trial will initiate the call when the Court is ready. Telephonic appearances are a great way for Ticket Fox clients to stay involved in their cases, without having to physically appear in court.

Ticket Fox Doesn’t Wait for a Court Date to Resolve Your Case

Every great lawyer knows that if there isn’t a trial, the client cannot be convicted. That secret lies at the heart of the Ticket Fox method. At Ticket Fox, we take a proactive rather than reactive approach to traffic representation. We immediately reach out to the Officer who ticketed you, or the prosecutor in those cases where an attorney prosecutes the case. Our Ticket Fox database gives us quick reference to the Officer and Prosecutor’s past history, tendencies, and presences. That knowledge enables the Ticket Fox attorney to negotiate with insight and knowledge that no other law office in the state can claim. Put more simply, at Ticket Fox we know the players and that knowledge makes all the difference. Just look at what out clients have to say.

Ticket Fox Has the Reputation You Want as Your Traffic Ticket Advocate

Not only do we know the players, they know us. Judges, court staff, prosecutors and police officers are familiar with the Ticket Fox professionals. The Ticket Fox team has a commitment to work at the highest levels of professionalism and excellence. Many Judges have told us that they appreciate having us entered in their traffic cases, because of our ability to make cases move smoothly and professionally through the courts.

The officers know us as well and recognize that working things out to the benefit of our clients, can mean the difference between an easy resolution and hard fought battle for them. Officers know that Ticket Fox cases will require the production of discovery, videos, and radar records and certification. They also know that Ticket Fox cases are against a trained attorney, and that winning for them can often be more difficult than it is worth. Not only do Officers work with us to resolve cases, many have referred family and friends for legal representation. That is the best compliment they can give us.

Ticket Fox Resolves Warrants

Ticket Fox isn’t just for tickets. The Ticket Fox team has handled warrants from all over the State of New Mexico. The Ticket Fox approach to warrants is a complete and professional system. The Ticket Fox team has statewide experience dealing with warrants. We know what works and what doesn’t and having the Ticket Fox pros on your side means we can quickly get your warrant cancelled or quashed. The next step is the payment of your administrative warrant fee, a mandatory Fee charged by the New Mexico courts. We can either guide you through the payment, or, if you prefer, the Ticket Fox team can pay it for you. Next, a Ticket Fox team member will contact the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department on your behalf and will work to lift any holds or suspensions you may have as a result of the warrant. Lastly, the original ticket will be handled by Glenn Smith Valdez, all based around your goals and objectives. The Ticket Fox team has the system, experience, and ability to help you resolve your New Mexico Warrants with speed, ease and peace of mind. In the vast majority of cases, the pros at Ticket Fox can help you resolve your New Mexico warrant without ever having to return to Court.

Ticket Fox Can Help Clear Your Suspended License

If you discover that your driver’s license is suspended because of a New Mexico ticket or warrant, Ticket Fox can help. The pros at Ticket Fox are trained to help make your driver’s license reinstatement happen quickly and efficiently. At Ticket Fox, we have spent years dealing with license reinstatement and know who to contact with the Motor Vehicle Department to make things happen quickly. Many times, driver’s license reinstatement can seem like a bureaucratic nightmare. When you put Ticket Fox to work on your license issue, we know the way through maze. We will track down the source of the suspension, arrange to have the suspension lifted, and keep you updated each step of the way. The Ticket Fox team will get your license cleared quickly – call us today and get back on the road.

Whatever your New Mexico Traffic issue, call Ticket Fox today at 505.873.6120. Ticket Fox has the answers, experience, and results you need to resolve your New Mexico traffic issues.

Client Reviews
My name is Mario, I was headed northbound to Taos, NM, got off the relief route 599, then I got stopped. I went to court twice in Santa Fe NM, but didn't get anywhere with my ticket. Found Glenn Smith Valdez on the internet (great choice), Glenn and his staff got right on my case and got the ticket dismissed. I highly recommend Glenn Smith Valdez. Thank you Glenn and Staff for a job well done. Mario T. - Albuquerque, NM
Employing the team at Glenn Smith Valdez was a great decision; the team handled my case with urgency and got both my tickets dismissed all while I was in Montana. Everything I read during my research of Mr. Valdez was true: amazing staff, quick to action, and professional. R.C.
As an out of state driver I was in need of a New Mexico attorney to handle a traffic matter. The help from attorney Valdez and his staff was excellent! Everything was handled smoothly by phone and email and the outcome was just what I needed. Michael M.
They took care of everything - all I did was email some signed paperwork and before I knew it the case was dismissed. I definitely recommend Glenn Valdez and his team for your legal needs. They are outstanding. C.G.