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Ft. Sumner - De Baca County, New Mexico Traffic Tickets

Ft. Sumner – De Baca County Traffic Cases If you were ticketed in Ft. Sumner or De Baca County New Mexico and have questions, Call 505.877.8787 now. We are ready to help answer your questions with a free, confidential consultation. Glenn Smith Valdez is New Mexico’s top traffic ticket lawyer. He has the experience and expertise you want when you hire an attorney to fight your New Mexico citation.

Ft. Sumner – De Baca County New Mexico Traffic Tickets

Travelers passing through New Mexico on US Route 60 or US 84 will generally pass though Ft. Summer, New Mexico – the county seat for De Baca county. Those drivers unfortunate enough to be ticketed in De Baca County or in the Village of Ft. Sumner, will be ordered to appear in either De Baca County Magistrate Court or the Ft. Sumner Municipal Court.

Ticketed in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico?

There are three law enforcement agencies enforcing the traffic code in Ft. Sumner/De Baca County: the New Mexico State Police, the De Baca County Sheriff’s Department and the Ft. Sumner Police department. Who issued your ticket will usually dictate which court you will have to appear in. State Police and De Baca Sheriff’s deputies will order appearance in the De Baca County Magistrate Court, while the Ft. Sumner police will instruct drivers to appear in the Ft. Sumner Municipal Court. If you have been ticketed in Ft. Sumner or De Baca County, it may be worth it to hire a New Mexico traffic ticket attorney to represent you. Glenn Smith Valdez is New Mexico’s best, most experienced traffic ticket lawyer and has represented drivers in both De Baca County Magistrate Court and Ft. Sumner Municipal Court. He has successfully received dismissals for many of his De Baca County and Ft. Summer clients.

Speeding Citation in De Baca County?

De Baca County is a very rural location, served by two main highways, US 60 and US 84.The two highways are the main source of traffic activity and traffic citations in the area, and they converge in Ft. Sumner, the County seat. Most of the traffic violations come from these two highways, with speeding tickets being the most common infraction. However, careless driving no insurance, reckless driving and suspended driver’s license charges are also common in Ft. Sumner and De Baca County. If you have been ticketed on US 60 or US 84 in New Mexico, call 505.877.8787. Another common De Baca County violation is a school zone on the main highway as it passes through Ft. Sumner. State police, Sheriff’s deputies and Ft. Sumner PD all enforce the school zone which generates many traffic tickets, mostly from drivers passing through and occasionally even professional truck drivers unfamiliar with the area. Whatever the citation, if you need help dealing with a Ft. Sumner or De Baca County ticket, call Glenn Smith Valdez today.

Can’t Appear for Your De Baca County or Ft. Sumner Traffic Ticket?

Most of the drivers ticketed in De Baca County or Ft. Sumner are out of state drivers. With De Baca county being so remote, hours away from Albuquerque, Santa Fe and even Amarillo, it is often very expensive and always very time consuming to travel to Ft. Sumner for traffic court. Mr. Valdez and his team have represented out of state drivers in the Ft. Sumner traffic courts for years, and are very familiar and experienced with the options and procedures for avoiding in person appearances for their clients. For out of state drivers, he can arrange either to handle the entire case for you, keeping you updated by phone and email, or if you prefer, arrange an appearance by phone. With telephonic appearances, the two of you can appear by phone and Mr. Valdez will conduct a trial, resolve your ticket, or even request dismissal without you having to personally travel to Ft. Sumner. The first step in the process is an appearance on the date the citation orders your appearance. New Mexico law allows an attorney to make an appearance for you, and Mr. Valdez will do so as soon as he is retained. After making the initial appearance, he will file all the appropriate motions for your traffic case. Motions for telephonic appearance, waivers of appearance, demands for discovery and motions to dismiss are a few of the more common motions. Whatever your situation, when you are ordered to appear in Ft. Sumner for traffic court and cannot make it to court for any reason, call Glenn Smith Valdez.

We can Help You Waive Your Appearance

If you retain us to represent you and waive your appearance, Mr. Valdez will appear on your behalf for all scheduled hearings. He will negotiate with the officer that issued your traffic citation, and is often able to get citations dismissed before trial. Sometimes, he can convince the officer to agree to have you attend driver’s school, make a donation to the local crime stoppers program rather than pay a fine or get the officer to agree to a deferred sentence. With a deferred sentence, you will pay about $86 in court costs, but if you receive no more tickets during the deferment, (usually 30, 60, or 90 days) the citation is dismissed and no conviction will appear on your driving record. When you hire Mr. Valdez to represent you and choose to waive your appearance Mr. Valdez will not only appear for you , he will keep you informed, letting you now about negotiations and progress. He will always work to achieve your objectives, keeping convictions off your driving record, protecting you from increased insurance rates and relieving you of the stress and hassle of worrying about your Ft. Sumner traffic case.

We can Arrange for You to Appear by Phone.

Many drivers cited in De Baca County – Ft. Sumner are from out of state or parts of New Mexico that make a return to Ft. Sumner costly and inconvenient. Those drivers may want to appear for their Ft. Sumner Court date by phone. Mr. Valdez and his team are experienced in setting up phone appearances. They will file the appropriate motion to request a telephonic appearance. Mr. Valdez will also appear with you by phone and if necessary, conduct your Ft. Sumner traffic court trial by phone. He will prepare the case, represent you and cross examine the officer for you. If the officer doesn’t appear for trial, he will request or motion the court for a dismissal. He is an expert in New Mexico traffic law and will do everything possible to get you the best possible outcome in your Ft. Sumner traffic trial.

Get an Experienced Ft. Sumner – De Baca County Traffic Attorney

You can hire a great lawyer to represent you in your De Baca County Magistrate Court or Ft. Sumner Municipal Court case. Regardless of the charge – Speeding, no seatbelt, no insurance or other minor New Mexico traffic violations – even more serious New Mexico violations like careless or reckless driving – with the right lawyer you can win. Glenn Smith Valdez has the experience, expertise and passion you want when you hire an attorney to represent you in your Ft. Sumner or De Baca County traffic matters. Don’t let your Ft. Sumner or De Baca County citation turn into a headache, call today and put an expert New Mexico Traffic ticket attorney to work on your De Baca County court case. If you have a traffic ticket, traffic warrant or driver’s license suspension in Ft. Sumner Magistrate or Municipal Court Mr. Valdez and his team have the experience and insight needed to resolve your traffic matters quickly and without ever returning to Ft. Sumner for court.

Client Reviews
"Thanks to Mr. Valdez's office for handling my case while I was incapacitated. Although I am still recovering even now, it is a great relief to have this kind of support and assistance during this time. Furthermore, I cannot thank them enough for the positive outcome. Special thanks to Shaniah for making the process stress-free for my wife and self." Stephen Whitfield
"OUTSTANDING !…..With a challenging case, and out of state distances to consider, hiring a New Mexico attorney was a "no brainer". In addition to that, I found out that dealing with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) was near impossible when just trying to contact them, to say nothing of getting them to remove the out of state hold off my license. Attorney Valdez and his team worked tirelessly to straighten out a real mess for me and I couldn't be more pleased (and actually surprised) with the resulting positive outcome. Thank you Ashlea, Melissa, Shaniah and Glenn for everything!" Wes Walter
"They give me a ticket 5 months ago in the state of New Mexico, since I'm from Texas I decided to hire the Valdez Law Firm so they can fight for me speeding ticket, it was a long way, lots of court trials, never show myself in court, he always wave my Appearance, now I'm glad to say he dismiss my ticket, great job and great communication between the staff and the clients." Ricardo Ramos
"I highly recommend Mr. Smith Valdez. He and his staff did an amazing job! Everyone was efficient professional and courteous. They explained the entire process in detail and provided updates throughout, making this whole ordeal virtually stress free. Thank you!" Jennifer Y.
"I got a speeding ticket in Lordsberg NM and Ashley helped me get my ticket dismissed. I am a commercial driver and i thaught it would take forever to get my ticket dismissed but no it took less then a month to get my ticket dismissed. Thanks Ashley and Mr. Valdez for getting my ticket dismissed. I diffently recommend Mr. Valdez. Thanks alot guys you did a great job." Andrew