Lordsburg - Hidalgo County, New Mexico Traffic Tickets

Lordsburg – Hildalgo County New Mexico Traffic Tickets If you were stopped and given a speeding ticket or any other type of traffic citation in Lordsburg, New Mexico, call Glenn Smith Valdez at 505.877.8787 today.

Ticketed in Lordsburg, New Mexico?

Many drivers on Interstate 10 or I-10 are stopped for speeding or other traffic offenses. When the citations or tickets are issued in Hidalgo County, New Mexico, either by the New Mexico State Police or the Hidalgo County Sheriffs Department, you will be ordered to appear in the Hidalgo County Magistrate Court in Lordsburg, NM.

Get an Experienced Lordsburg, New Mexico Traffic Attorney

Glenn Smith Valdez can represent you in your Lordsburg Magistrate Court case. From speeding and other minor New Mexico traffic violations, to more serious violations like reckless or careless driving , Glenn Smith Valdez has the experience, expertise and aggressiveness you want when you hire an attorney to fight your Lordsburg traffic matters.

Can’t Return for Your Lordsburg, New Mexico Traffic Ticket?

If you are from out of state and cannot appear for your court date in Lordsburg, New Mexico, call Glenn Smith Valdez. Mr. Valdez and his team will file the appropriate paperwork to keep you from appearing for your initial court date, then work to make sure you never have to return to New Mexico for court. They can even file motions to allow you to appear by phone for your Lordsburg traffic ticket.

We can Help You Waive Your Appearance or Appear by Phone

Mr. Valdez can waive your appearance and appear for you in Lordsburg Magistrate Court, or file motions to allow you to appear by phone. He will negotiate with the Officer on your behalf, and is often able to get cases dismissed. In some cases, he can arrange for you to attend driver’s school, or find other ways to keep your Lordsburg traffic ticket off you record.

Lordsburg, New Mexico Warrant or Suspension?

If you have missed your Hidalgo County or Lordsburg NM court date, or if you have lost your ticket and failed to appear, you may have a Warrant for your arrest. Your license may also be suspended for failure to appear in your Lordsburg case. Call Glenn Smith Valdez now. Mr. Valdez will file motions to cancel the warrant and follow through with the New Mexico MVD to reinstate your license.

Call Glenn Smith Valdez Today!

If your Lordsburg, New Mexico, traffic ticket is causing you problems, call today and put an expert New Mexico Traffic ticket lawyer to work on your Hidalgo County Ticket. We can handle your Lordsburg Citation, whether is is speeding, no insurance or other minor New Mexico citations or more serious New Mexico traffic violations like careless driving or reckless driving. If you have any traffic issue in Lordsburg New Mexico, even New Mexico Warrants or driver’s license suspension, we have the experience and expertise to help you resolve your case quickly and without returning to Lordsburg for your court date.

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